Universal Robots UR3

Automation. Optimized.

Introducting the new UR3 collaborative robot, a true
power tool perfect for small-format precision tasks.  

The next step
in collaborative
robot technology

>Easy programming

>Fast set up
>Flexible deployment
>Collaborative and safe
>Fast payback in the industry

 Universal Robots ushers in a new era of industrial automation. Meet the lightest 6-axis table-top robot offering unrivaled flexibility and positioning accuracy in a compact form. The UR3 is perfectly suited for automated precision tasks where people and robots work side-by-side. The UR3’s applicable range is: assembly, soldering, gluing, screwing, painting, pick and place, operating hand tools, laboratory work, fume hood tasks, polishing and moulding so on.

With none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and dedicated shielded work cells. UR3 delivers the fastest return in the industry for your automation investment.

UR3 Spec Icons

1. Small in size, but big ability

Meet high-precision production needs with the UR3’s payload of 3 kg(6.6 lbs) and reach of 500mm(19.7 in). The UR3 uses the same technology as our larger robots – just in a smaller package which gives endless opportunities for using the robot in confined spaces. Weighing in at only 11 kg (24.3 lbs), the robot arm can be easily moved to new projects as needed.

2. Built with safety in mind

The UR3 is force sensitive and can be set to stop immediately when it encounters a force as low as 50 Newton. This allows the robot to be used without expensive safety guarding (after prior risk assessment).

3. Improve product quality

It requires superhuman abilities to dose exactly the same quantity of glue constantly. However, UR3 can maintain consistent pressure at all times. Ensure uniform quality, reduce production costs and optimize your operation.


4. Infinite rotation

Simply mount a bit holder on the end joint of the UR3 robot arm, which can rotate infinitely, and avoid adding expensive tooling in the assembly process. The robot picks up screws, mounts them, and tightens them applying the correct torque.


>Infinite rotation on end joint
>Ensure consistent product quality
>Optimize production process
>Your “third-hand helper”


A complete range of collaborative robots

With the UR3, Universal Robots adds an innovative, compact option to the UR product family. The same collaborative safety and usability benefits pioneered in the UR5 and UR10 robots are now available for workbench and table-top settings. The compact UR3 offers an affordable “third-hand helper” that allows a single worker to accomplish what traditionally would be a two-person task. There is a whole host of options to use the UR3 as an automated power tool where lack of space is a challenge.