Robotiq Hand-E Robot Gripper

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 HAND – E 

Hand-E is designed and built for Universal Robots gripping applications.

Fully plug and play on the robot arms without any difficult installation but simple programming software. No need to design, fabricate and maintain a lot of custom made tools.

Hand-E robot gripper integrates seamlessly with the Robotiq FT300 force torque sensor and wrist camera.

Hand-E on UR


Ready Built – Built for Universal Robots with perfect integrated application

Simple Installation – Plug and play with simple hardware and software installation

Easy Programming – URCap Package is available for easy intuitive programming



General Specifications

Gripper opening0 to 50 mm (1.97in)
Gripper weight with mechanical coupling1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Maximum recommended payload5 kg (11 lbs)
Grip force60N(13.5 lbf) to 130N(27 lbf)
Friction Grip Payload3 kg (7 lbs)