Robotiq FT300 Force Torque Sensor

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Force Torque Sensor
FT 300

Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your robot the sense of touch. By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to reliably perform the following tasks:

– Precision part insertion
– Assembly and fabrication
– Product testing

Because it’s a digital signal, the Force Torque Sensor is not affected by surrounding noise and provides a stable, precise measurement of force applied on the process or part.

Robotiq FT300


High Quality Signal – Immune to external electrical noise and no more filtering needed.

Direct Communication With Your Robot Controller – No need for an external signal processing box.

Speed Up Integraion – It is compatible with industrial robots. The software packages are available for Universal Robots, ROS, Linux and Windows.


Robotiq FT300 Drawing

Signal Specifications

Measuring rangeFx, Fy, Fz
Mx, My, Mz
+/- 300 N
+/- 30 N.m
Signal noiseFx, Fy
Mx, My
1.2 N
0.5 N
0.01 N.m
0.03 N.m
External noise sensitivityAll axesImmune
Data output rate100 Hz
Temperature compensation15deg C to 35deg C

Mechanical Specifications

Outside diameter75mm
Weight650 g
Overload capacity500%

Electrical Specifications

Supply voltage range4.5-28 VDC
Maximum power consumption2W
Sensor electrical interfaceRS-485, USB