PIC100 M


PIC100 M

Thermoplastic-filled for direct casting. The EnvisionTEC PIC100 M resin has been developed for direct investment casting of products for the Jewelry market.
It offers excellent burn out properties and build with the highest quality and crisp detail. The material is processed on all Perfactory® systems.


Parts made using EnvisionTEC PIC100 M resin evaporate at moderate burn out temperatures without reacting with your investment and offers an extremely low thermal expansion. It is optimally suitable for producing precious metal castings and builds extremely smooth surfaces. The burn out process is ash free allowing for a casting which is free from porosity, a problem which is a result of the ash residue when burning a polymer based material. PIC100 M is a photo cured resin that produces the highest quality details without sacrificing toughness, ease of handling, and finishing.


Highest quality details, standard burn out procedure, and high speed building qualify PIC100 M for producing high quality parts in the Jewelry market for production capacity direct investment casting.