Mlab Cusing Metal 3D Printer


Mlab Cusing Metal 3D Printer

This Mlab Cusing Metal 3D printer is ideal for manufacturing components with elaborate structures. Perfect when what matters is high surface quality and the finest component structures!

It is suitable for processing the following material groups: cobalt chrome, stainless steel, 18c yellow gold, silver, bronze and titanium alloys.



  • Production of the parts from metal without any casting
  • Higher density and much more uniform structure than cast parts
  • Time and cost saving thanks to a reduction in the number of manufacturing steps. No prototype or wax model required.
  • Allowable production of unique specimens or small batches of complex parts
  • Replaceable build chamber
  • Build Envelope options: 90x90mm, 70x70mm, 50x50mm
  • Standard 240V power supply, single phase, 16A
  • Small footprint, 710mm wide to fit into standard room
  • Different materials to suit target industries
  • Fine 0.035mm spot size 50W or 100W laser
  • Thinnest 0.015mm build layer, no layer effect, density close to 100%