MiLVUS Robtics



SEIT allows you to navigate throughout the facility or your warehouse, without having to commit any of your resources on infrastructure. SEIT’s navigation requires no physical markers, such as, magnets, beacons, wires or tapes. This means, there will be no interruption to your operation and no physical changes to your facility. Furthermore, the lack of fixed infrastructure not only provides an initial savings, but also signifies a reduction in future infrastructure costs as these tooling and equipment undergo wear and tear, or might be replaced all together if the production lines change.

Precise, is one of the many words that we can use to describe SEIT. But perhaps, it is one of the most crucial ones since manufacturing requires exact precision. SEIT can provide this level of precision, following your commands and execute them on time, repeatedly and consistently, saving you to worry from possible downtime and the costs come with it.



SEIT allows you to reduce transportation related wastes, or in other words, non-value adding operations. Through reorganizing the movement on the production and manufacturing site, it guarantees an efficient and consistent delivery of materials – which in turn, presents you the option to redistribute your workforce within value-creating roles if desired.

Effortlessly manage and monitor your fleet anytime, anywhere.

You can manage and monitor your entire robotic fleet using the Milvus Fleet Manager – the most powerful fleet management system on the market!