M2 Cusing Metal 3D Printer


M2 Cusing Metal 3D Printer

Make way for the new LaserCUSING® star. The M2 cusing is based on the tried and trusted system technology of CONCEPT Laser systems and is also the world’s first laser processing system to meet the special requirements on processing reactive powder materials like aluminum and titanium alloys. The system technology of the M2 cusing is thus equipped with corresponding sensors and measurement technology according to the latest explosion and fire-protection regulations (ATEX Zone 22 category II2D) and therefore offers a high level of safety. The unit also has a unique powder handling system.

The new fibre laser guarantees high-resolution details and outstanding mechanial properties for the manufactured components in combination with the LaserCUSING® process at room temperature. M2 cusing is ideal for the production of functional direct components for medical technology, racing as well as the aerospace industry.

The M2 Cusing handling station was developed under the aforementioned process and safety aspects. Up to two materials can be stored in the M2 cusing handling station in an inert atmosphere. This station also has an integrated lock system and an inerted powder extraction unit with integrated screening process. The powder is thus extracted from the build chamber and returned to the storage chamber within a matter of minutes. Thus rules out the risk of the machine operator coming into contact with the powder materials.

The M2 Cusing is designed in line with ATEX guidelines and thus makes it possible to process aluminium and titanium alloys safely. The machine is robust and suitable for 3-shift operation.
The complete process, from processing of the construction job through to removal of the component and powder conditioning, all takes place under the exclusion of oxygen. This therefore prevents the reactive materials from being contaminated with oxygen.



  • Safe processing of reactive materials.
  • Powder handling in an inert atmosphere: semi-automatic emptying of the build chamber with sieving and return to the storage chamber.
  • Lock system.
  • Storage of up to two materials in the system, in inert gas.
  • Safety technology / sensor system according to CE and explosion protection standards.
  • Build envelope: 250 x 250 x 280 mm.
  • New fibre laser technology: Fibre laser 200 W (cw), optional 400 W (cw)
  • Stable process at room temperature.
  • Reduction in the costs and manufacturing time.