LS600M ABS-Like Photopolymer


LS600M ABS-Like Photopolymer

The breakthrough in extremely durable photopolymers for use in producing very accurate parts with high feature detail on EnvisionTEC’s 3D printers. With added stability and surface quality, this material produces parts with high impact resistance similar to thermoplastics. Tough, complex parts can be built with a superb surface quality compared with competing technologies. Superb detail without sacrificing speed or durability. It has the best overall mechanical stability over time.The high-temperature, ABS-like photopolymer is used in the digital mask production solid imaging process to build 3-dimensional parts. Considerable processing latitude and is ideal for the medical, electronic, aerospace, and automotive markets that demand accurate RTV patterns, durable concept models, highly accurate parts, humidity and temperature parts.

Applications include:

Functional end-use performance and prototypes, snap fit designs, impellers, duct work, connector and electronic covers, automotive housings and dashboard assemblies, packaging applications, and consumer sporting goods.