HDI Compact C Series 3D Scanners

HDI Compact 3D Scanner

Plug and play system that captures a high resolution 3D scan
in less than one second with sub-thousands of an inch accuracy.


HDI C Series


Delivering Accurate and Repeatable Scanning Results

The HDI C series of 3D scanners are the smallest advanced 3D scanning system using blue LED projection technology available on the market. Designed for demanding industry applications that depend on accurate and repeatable scanning results , the HDI 210 is ideal for reverse engineering and for 3D inspection, measurement, and visualization. With a solid aluminum body that is dust proof and water resistant (IP67 rated), the scanners are pre-calibrated to produce repeatable 3D scanning results while operating in harsh environments.

Tailored for Various Applications

The HDI C series are perfect for general-purpose 3D modeling. The smaller size and scanning volume of the HDI C series is ideal for integration into more portable solutions and for scanning objects such as dental impressions and small parts.

Easily Integrate 3D Scanning Capabilities into Systems and Devices

The HDI C series are designed for quick integration into systems or embedding into devices. The simple-to-use software development kit (SDK) and connectivity options give developers complete control over all aspects of the 3D modeling process—from capture to alignment to the final model—so you can fully customize the process to your needs. The scanners can output into a variety of output formats (PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX) to accommodate different systems with ease.

Ready for 3D Scanning with Simple Setup

HDI C series are ready to capture 3D scans and millions of measurements accurately only minutes after setup. Simply connect the scanner and install the included FlexScan3D software on your computer, and the system is ready for scanning. The scanner will produce digital 3D models with the click of a button from real-world objects. No need to calibrate or recalibrate after scans, saving you time and improve on productivity.


How It Works
The HDI Compact takes a 3D image of what it can see at one time. To create a digital model of the entire object, scans have to be taken from all angles. It uses the following components to capture a 3D scan:

  1. Capturing Unit: The light source (blue LED light) projects a series of patterns onto the scan target. The patterns become distorted when projected onto the object’s surface. The cameras capture these images and send them to FlexScan3D.
  2. Rotary Table: Alternatively, a standard HDI Compact package can be attached to the light weight rotary table, empowering you to produce better digital 3D models faster than ever before. Simply place the object on the rotary table and let the system do the work for you.
  3. FlexScan3D Software: The control center that runs the entire operation. It uses the captured images to calculate the object’s depth and surface information to create a 3D scan. FlexScan3D then cleans, merges, and stitches multiple scans together (known as post-processing) in order to create a complete digital 3D model.