Franka Emika Panda Robot Arm

The Robot System

Get to know your Franka Emika robot.
Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

Robotics, redefined

Franka Emika´s robot is agile and sensitive — like a human arm.
Programming is workflow-based and intuitive, interaction is seamless

Easiest, fastest workflow-based user experience.

The system features a usable interface based on Apps – encapsulated robot programs. Arrange Apps into a sequence. Then teach the robot by demonstration and adjust parameters.

Mechanical Specifications :
Degress of freedom7
Payload3 Kg
Workspace see Backside
Max. Reach855mm
Force/Torque SensingLink-side torque sensors in all 7axes
Expected nominal lifetime20,000Hours
Joint position LimitsA1, A3,A5,A7:-166°/166°
Mounting flange DIN ISO 9409-1A50
Installation positionupright
Weight~17.8 kg
Moving mass~12.8 kg
Protection RatingIP30
15-25 °C (Typical)
5-45 °C (Extended)
Air Humidity20 - 80% non-condensing
Power consumption• max. ~ 350 W
• typical application ~60 W
Interfaces• ethernet (TCP/IP for visual in-tuitive programming with Desk
• input for external activation device or safeguard
• Control connector
• Connector for end effector