FT 300 and FT 150 Robotiq Force Sensor Path Recording

Robotiq Force Sensor Path Recording

With Plug + Play integration for Universal Robots, the Force Torque Sensor FT 300 allows automation of high precision tasks such as product testing, assembly and precise part insertion. With the path recording software, you can easily set up complex trajectories without waypoints.

The Force Torque Sensors are offered with a ROS stack and a Plug + Play  UR Caps for Universal Robots. Software packages for Linux and Windows are also available to help you to speed up your application development.

To learn more about these products, please click the following link:

FT-300 : http://www.bolee.com.hk/robotiq-ft300-force-torque-sensor/

FT-150 : http://www.bolee.com.hk/robotiq-ft150-force-torque-sensor/