EnvisionTEC® Announces New Perfactory® Vida 3D Printer for the Orthodontic Market

Dearborn, Michigan, May 15, 2015 – EnvisionTEC®, a leading manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials, is introducing their newest 3D printer for orthodontic practices and laboratories in Booth #3121 at the American Association of Orthodontics 2015 Annual Session in San Francisco, California. The Perfactory® Vida is a low cost, open architecture, easy to maintain and user friendly 3D printer for the digital dental laboratory. The Vida boasts a high resolution projector running at 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with custom UV optics. Once the print job is preprocessed on a computer housing the Perfactory® software suite, it is transferred to the machine via Ethernet or USB and can run independently without the need for continuous connection to the preprocessing computer. The surface quality of the printed models allows for production with no signs of stairstepping, unlike the visibility when using competing technologies. The versatility of the Perfactory Vida allows for an impressive range of materials to be processed, giving dental labs and practices the ability to 3D print multiple types of orthodontic models, bite splints and retainers, surgical guides, and partial dentures. The Perfactory Vida is compatible with 3Shape, Orchestrate 3D, Dental Wings, and Exocad design software packages within the dental and orthodontic markets. EnvisionTEC’s proprietary 3D printing materials provide full solutions for a variety of applications when combined with the Perfactory Vida:

E-­‐Appliance M for the production of orthodontic appliances using a “salt and pepper” technique
E-­‐Denstone Peach M for building highly accurate models for indirect bonding techniques
E-­‐Partial M for creating wax-­‐like partial dentures for direct investment casting in semi-­‐precious materials
E-­‐Guide M for 3D printing highly accurate and transparent dental surgical drill guides
Ortho Tough M for the manufacture of dental models used to create clear orthodontic aligners by vacuum thermoforming
E-­‐Guard M for the production of accurate bite splints and night guards

EnvisionTEC will also be showing a number of other orthodontic solutions that have shown a high degree of success by the addition of 3D printing. EnvisionTEC helps make practices far more efficient by dramatically shortening delivery times, improving service levels and also reducing costs.

About EnvisionTEC EnvisionTEC is a leading global provider of professional grade 3D printing solutions for the rapid manufacture of customized products utilizing its proprietary consumables across a variety of end markets. Since its first patent submission in 1999, EnvisionTEC has developed and released solutions for desktop applications up to large scale enterprises and manufacturers. EnvisionTEC’s platform provides organizations of any size the capability to rapidly manufacture true to life and functional duplications of any CAD rendering. With nearly 18 U.S. and 91 foreign patents, EnvisionTEC works with a strong customer and partner base in jewelry, automotive, dental, medical, sporting goods, aerospace and consumer packaged goods. Vida-183x300