M1 Cusing Metal 3D Printer


M1 Cusing Metal 3D Printer

Securing competitive advantages and getting to the market faster is the name of the game nowadays in almost all sectors of industry. As a renowned supplier to the plastics-processing industry and in aluminium die-casting, Concept Laser GmbH benefits from many years of experience. With the M1 Cusing metal 3D printer, the use of mould inserts with conformal cooling delivers quality optimisation while reducing the unit costs at the same time without the need for an operator.

This robust industrial machine is suitable for big laboratories and manufacturing centres to produce small to medium-sized components. The M1 cusing provides an easily accessible handling station to make it easy to perform set-up work.



  • Efficient manufacturing and production: Standardised manufacturing process and efficient production as well as cost-effectiveness for unique specimens and small batches with a constantly high level of quality
  • Time saved with comparison to casting: Compared to the conventional casting, the M1 cusing has 50% time saving more.
  • 200 W fibre laser: The M1 cusing has the latest generation of fibre laser technology. The high radiation quality allows the production of almost ideal component densities and the mechanical properties remain identical throughout the series.
  • Larger build envelope: Small to medium-sized components can now be manufactured up to a size of 250 x 250 x 250 mm (x, y, z)
  • Automatic powder exchange (optional): A mobile powder handling system ensures both better accessibility to the machine and an automatic powder exchange. The personnel operating the M1 cusing have no direct contact with the metal powder.
  • Practical design: The M1 cusing has been designed so that the LaserCUSINGĀ® process takes place in the laser station under a safe controlled circumstance. On completion of the component the construction process is comfortably post processed outside the laser station and a new order is prepared.
  • 100 % density during the LaserCUSINGĀ® of one-component metallic powder materials: The exposure strategies have been further improved for the M1 cusing, allowing a significant increase in the construction rates and component quality.